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The Original Pre-Mixed Synthetic Urine! • Totally Undetectable! • Has Never Failed A Test!

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Scientific Uses for Synthetic Urine - Quick Fix Synthetic Urine has a wide variety of scientific uses. It can be used for calibrating urinalysis equipment, conducting research on human urine, fertilizing your garden, repelling animals, getting your wet sex kink on, and even traveling to space! Because it’s nearly identical to human pee, synthetic urine provides a safer, cleaner alternative to using your own whiz for whatever project you might need it for!

History of Synthetic Urine - The discovery of synthetic urine changed the entire way we think about the world around us. Friedrick Wöhler discovered synthetic urine in 1828 which led to the eventual toppling of the belief known as “vitalism”. By creating urea (an organic compound) from inorganic reactants, Wöhler accidentally started a new branch of science: organic chemistry. 

Can Labs Detect Synthetic Urine? - Quick Fix has been pioneering in the synthetic urine industry for over 25 years and the newest formula (version 6.2) is even more advanced than ever before! Because it contains all the ingredients typically found in human urine, it passes for piss - even for laboratory tests! In fact, many labs actually use Quick Fix to calibrate their urinalysis equipment. It’s the perfect substitute for your own pee!


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Quick Fix Synthetic Urine Quick Fix Synthetic 2oz

6.2 Formula Pre-mixed with Urea & Uric Acid

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Newest 6.2 Formula Pre-mixed with Urea & Uric Acid

Quick Fix Synthetic Urine Value Pack Quick Fix Synthetic 2oz Value Pack

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Quick Fix Synthetic Urine Belt Synthetic Urine Belt

Quick Fix Urine Not Included 

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